We live in an overscheduled and stressed out world that is busier than ever before. We constantly manage our careers, our calendars, and our families—and our hard work brings us success, or at least our modern definition of the word. After checking off all the boxes on our lists, we wait for happiness to happen to us…after all, we’ve earned it. And yet.

Despite our trappings of “success,” many of us remain unfulfilled and uninspired. We don’t feel great. We’re unhappy. We’re disconnected from each other. And we feel a vast emptiness when the new wears off our latest and shiniest distraction that failed to bring us what we’re really looking for.

As a consultant who works closely with finance professionals every day, I see this cultural disconnect all too clearly. Our work lives are intense and frenetic. Our client interactions don’t always feel as good to us as we’d like. We want to foster more trusting and kinder relationships but may think it’s better to come off as aloof and overly serious or are discouraged by a focus on short-term performance goals. For more than a few of us, we come up short in making authentic connections with our clients, despite overwhelming research that shows this is what our clients often want. And these problems aren’t unique to finance professionals—they affect everyone.

Ultimately, what’s missing from all of our lives—at home, in the workplace, and in our communities—is nurture. Taking care of ourselves and one another is the key to building the relationships that will bring us happiness and fulfillment. The good news is, fostering nurture is simple and the results are exponential. Our goal here at is to remind you there is a better way to live. Here you’ll find a wealth of gentle reminders to nurture the people in your life—including your work colleagues, your friends and family, and most of all…yourself! You’ll be amazed at the difference a few small changes can make in your life and the lives of those around you. Visit our lifestyle site often for timely updates about research, inspirational stories and tips for putting the “wow” back in your daily schedule.

Take Time For Yourself

A recent survey shows people want personal time and a caring boss.

The Compassion Bonus

Researchers tout the many upsides of being compassionate.

Relax And Do More

According to Science Daily, there is a link between taking a break and focus.

People Connections and Longevity

Your friends and family may be the key to longevity says the Harvard Medical School.

Thank You Power

A Psychology Today article details why being appreciative is a way of nurturing yourself.

Positive Thinking

The Mayo Clinic lists mental and physical advantages of having a positive attitude.

Pet Therapy Matters

Paws For People explains how furry friends can help overcome loneliness.

Celebrate Your Achievements

According to an article in Inc. Magazine, taking a bow has lots of advantages.

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